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Unident White kit

A complete whitening system

Unident White kit is a unique, safe & easy to use complete home teeth whitening kit, that only in a few days will offer you white teeth and a gleaming smile.
Thanks to its innovative product combination, Unident White kit offers you effective teeth whitening, through stain removal from dental surfaces & stain defense.

Unident White kit consists of three teeth whitening products, with pharmaceutical grade raw materials:

  • Unident Whitening Professional Toothpaste, a special, protective, whitening toothpaste, ideal for everyday use,
  • Unident NGR, a photo-activated whitening gel and a special LED device with a dental applicator,
  • Unident Pen instant brightening, a thin whitening gel.

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Enamel strengthening and decay prevention

Use Unident Whitening Professional Toothpaste daily, for brushing your teeth.
Apply a quantity of UNIDENT® Whitening Professional Toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush thoroughly your teeth each morning, night and after every meal.

1st WEEK:
Use UNIDENT® PEN twice a day, morning and night, immediately after brushing your teeth, as follows:
Brush your teeth and remove moisture from their surface with a tissue. Do not allow your teeth to come into contact with your teeth.
Press top part of the pen once or twice to wet the brush with a quantity of gel and apply a thin layer on your teeth with up and down motions.
Try to avoid any contact of the teeth with your lips or tongue for at least 30 seconds. For best results do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.
After use, place the cap carefully on the pen to prevent the gel from drying.

2nd WEEK:
Use UNIDENT® NRG once a day, morning or night, immediately after brushing your teeth, as follows:
Connect the LED light with the silicone tray (mouth guard) to create the LED Whitening Activator.
Cover with a thin layer of gel the tray surfaces which will come into contact with the teeth of the upper and lower jaw.
With clean teeth, bite down gently on the tray, placing it so that the gel is in full contact with their front surface.
Turn on the device by pressing the white button located on its surface and allow it to act for 3 to 4 minutes.
Turn off by pressing again the white button and remove the device from the mouth.
Disconnect its parts and thoroughly rinse the tray.
Rinse the oral cavity with water.