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Corporate Responsibility

Our consistent effort to preserve social, ecological and cultural protection is an integral part of our activities, which are always in line with fundamental human rights.

We apply environmental rules, promote business ethos and contribute to the mitigation of social inequality; we promote and encourage a corporate culture of respect for future generations and faith in a better world. The long-term  comparssion of InterMed towards Social Responsibility issues, as well as the strategic plan of its actions, are a concrete proof of the high priority given in its social dimension.

Being committed on this, we evaluate past efforts and develop initiatives driven by three “Fundamental Principles” and five “Areas of Responsibility”, so that all our actions are carefully planned to support and intensify our Vision, Mission and Values.

1. Alignment of all actions with the Corporate Strategy that aims at maximizing the Value for all stakeholders (Shareholders, Customers, Human Resources, Society, Environment, Employees), as well as creating a Competitive Advantage.

2.Integration of all actions into our everyday life. We are actively involved. We recycle, we reduce energy and paper consumption. We protect our intellectual property. We promote  the principles of rational prescribing and provide scientific information of high quality. We participate in social actions towards vulnerable groups. We become volunteers. We provide access to pharmaceutical and sanitary material, through collaborations with NGOs. We promote public awareness.

3. Participation. We select our partners (clients, suppliers, health professionals, government agencies, etc.) with strict criteria, trying to maintain a high level of contact with business partners that our values converge.

Areas of Responsibility :


1. Access to treatment & quality of life

Our top priority is to develop, produce and distribute value-adding products that will relieve our fellow people from diseases and help improve their quality of life.

Based on our corporate mission, we take action in three areas:

Research & Development. We carry out research to develop breakthrough products that combine the latest advances in Medicine and Cosmetology using modern pharmaceutical technology. We encourage the support exchange of know-how and collaboration between our researches and other scientists, aiming at the best results.

Ensuring access to pharmaceutical and sanitary material. We work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and we take initiatives so as to ensure that in natural disasters, financial difficulties and social upheavals, our fellow people will not be deprived of pharmaceutical and medical care.

Raising awareness on health issues. We aim to raise awareness on health issues (such as specific conditions and infections), and at the same time educate people on how to deal with the sufferers.

2. Environmental management & sustainable development

Our priority is to conduct all our activities with respect the environment, preventing environmental pollution, acting in absolute compliance with the national environmental legislation.

In this context, we make use of best available techniques to reduce pollution and our environmental footprint. In order to achieve the above commitments, InterMed has successfully implemented since 2006 the Environmental Management System according to the international ISO 14001 standard.

This system ensures :

Constant monitoring of the impact of the Company's activities on the natural environment and the necessary preventive and corrective actions.

Objectives, measurable targets and corresponding programs for the continuous improvement of the Company's environmental performance.

Communication between all involved parties - employees, suppliers, local community, authorities etc.

Control, tracking and compliance with all national and international legal requirements.

In order to ensure the constant operation and effectiveness of the Environmental Management System, Uni-pharma is committed to systematically inform and educate employees by promoting their active participation towards continuous improvement and the rational management of natural resources.

3. Solidarity & Voluntarism

We respect the principles and values that characterize our culture, and we offer our assistance, through intensive actions in order to strengthen and support socially vulnerable groups. Our target is to relief people who are in need and deserve a better quality of life.

We implement actions that aim to find a solution to problems that complicate the efforts task of institutions committing that we will be by their side. The difficult conditions that we experience every day, require awareness, systematic support and presence.

Our partners acting according to the human-centered philosophy of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

4. Business Ethics

Corporate governance and ethical entrepreneurship principles are strongly connected with InterMed's culture and strategy.

We recognize responsibility beyond the horizon of industry ethics and compliance to its rules, in areas such as intellectual property protection, promotion of rationalized prescribing, balanced approach towards bioethic issues, continuous provision of highly demanding dissemination of scientific knowledge and data protection.

In this context, InterMed implements the Responsible Management Excellence Model and has been awarded with the Gold Business Ethics Award by the Greek Business Ethics Network (EBEN GR).

See our Code of Conduct & Ethics in Brief here.

See our Health Professionals’ Data Protection Policy here.

5. Science & new generation

InterMed promotes science, because it believes in the power of knowledge as the factor that cultivates and develops us not only as individuals but also on a collective level.

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility, actions are being implemented and reinforced by all means so as to strengthen and promote education, research and technology, the three key gateways that secure the future.