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Unident 35%

Gel for professional whitening at the clinic
Unident 353535

Specially designed dental gel for teeth whitening at the clinic .

Packaging: 3 Syringes x 2.5 mL of whitening gel + 1 Syringe x 1.4 g  Protegum Gingival Barrier + 3 Application Tips

Individual spots or extensive dental surfaces with discoloration due to:

  • medicines (Tetracycline)
  • chronic poisoning due to fluoride
  • stains from food

With Carbamide Peroxide 35%

Isolate the gums by using the protective light polymerized resin Protegum Gingival Barrier, which contains vitamin E and increases the protection of the gums due to the antioxidant action. Apply Unident 35%, either using personal cases or directly on the tooth surface, using a syringe or a thin brush. Remove after about 20-30 minutes with a gauze pad, rinse thoroughly and check the color change. For best results, let UNIDENT act for 5 minutes, remove it from the tooth surface and apply a new quantity. This process can be repeated 4-6 times during a session. Finally, remove Protegum Gingival Barrier from the gums.