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Eudent Etchant - Phosphoric Acid light gel 35%

Enamel and dentin etchant
Eudent etchant

Eudent Etchant is an enamel and dentin etchant for better adhesion of filling materials.

Packaging: 5 Syringes x 2.5 mL + 20 Application Tips

  • Exact implementation of the desired points without flowing and drying.
  • Ideal viscosity.
  • Effective etching as it penetrates even to the most inaccessible parts of the tooth surfaces.
  • Etching enamel and dentin before use:




With Phosphoric Acid 35%

Apply Eudent Etchant to the dentin for 15 sec and the enamel for 30 sec. Wash thoroughly with water spray, while sucking simultaneously with a vacuum to remove the etchant.