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Eudent ED-gel - EDTA light gel 19%

Lubrication, drilling and disinfection canals
Eudent edgel

Eudent ED-gel is a bactericidal and nontoxic gel of low viscosity, which is intended for preparation and consolidation of the dental walls of the root canal and the removal of inorganic residues from them. This process results in mechanical enlargement of the canal.

Packaging:3 Syringes x 2.5 mL + 10 Application Tips

Chemical enlargement of the canal.

With EDTA 19% & Cetrimonium bromide 1%,

Use the preparation directly into the canal.
For the gel, use the specially applied nozzle of the syringe. Drill the pipe mechanically with the classic method and reapply preparation as often as necessary. Rinse thoroughly with water.