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Calmodent Professional

Therapeutic gel for dental hypersensitivity

Unique combination of hydroxapatite with stannus fluoride and aminofluoride compounds.

Packaging: 6 gr

• Eliminate cervical hypersensitivity in hot and cold

• Re-metallization of the beginning of caries

• Restoration of enamel erosions

2000 ppm F- + 20% microstructural hydroxyapatite + Stannus Fluoride

• Apply the desired amount either directly onto the teeth or into a special splint that then applies to the teeth. In the case of direct application, the gel remains in contact with the teeth for 4 to 10 minutes, while using the stent for 45-60 minutes.

• During treatment, do not swallow the gel, and after the end of the application, the gel should be completely removed from the dental surfaces.

• The frequency of use is determined by the clinical picture of the patient and at the discretion of the dentist.