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Itching, burning sensation, irritation and increased secretions are smelly symptoms that often accompany vaginitis- an inflammation of the lining of the vagina- and at times have occupied all women in various stages of their life.

Although the symptoms of vaginitis are given, the causes of its appearance are much different.

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection, followed by fungal vaginitis by the fungus Candida and vaginitis by trichomonas or chlamydia.

However, apart from the development of a pathogen in the vagina, vaginitis can be caused by other causes. So atrophic vaginitis, which appears mostly during menopause due to reduction of the concentration of estrogen and non-specific vaginitis is a non-specific reasoning. Also, using spermicidal creams, vaginal suppositories, condoms and general products with irritants can lead to allergic vaginitis

Whoever is the causative factor for the appearance of vaginitis, the root cause that led to it, or the result of it, is the disruption of the normal vaginal flora that is the reduction of population of beneficial microorganisms and especially lactobacillus who naturally found in the vagina and other areas of our body (intestinal and oral cavity and skin), whose main role is to offer natural protection against various pathogens.

Unfortunately, these beneficial microorganisms may be disturbed by many factors such as taking medication (antibiotics, antifungals, oral contraceptives, chemotherapeutic compounds), menopause, menstruation and from daily stress.

The restoration and preservation of lactobacillus in sufficient populations using probiotic products which offer ready the beneficial microorganisms, seems to be ideal and necessary.

These information are intended for general information and public information and in no case cannot replace the advice of a doctor or other suitably qualified health professional.

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