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Eva Intima Biolact Ovules & Vaginal Douche

Probiotics for the restoration and maintenance of normal vaginal flora

Eva Intima Biolact with the beneficial micro-organisms (lactobacilli) it offers it is specifically designed to directly restore and effectively prevent disorders of vaginal and sensitive area’s microflora that may be due to any cause such as vaginitis, antibiotics or other medications, stress and more. Lactobacillus coagulans is a unique feature of Eva Intima Biolact which ensures the viability of the microorganism and its successful implantation into the vagina.

Packaging: 10 suppositories for vaginal application with 1 billion L. coagulans / suppository & 4 single use vaginal douches with 1 billion L. coagulans / douche

  • Taking antibiotics of any cause
  • Vaginitis due to any etiology
  • Taking antifungal, contraceptive, chemotherapeutic or radiotherapy
  • After the end of the menstrual period
  • Daily stress

With Lactobacillus coagulans in the form of spore & chamomile extrac

Hormones & pharmaceutical substances free

Instructions for use:


Vaginitis with medication:

Topical medication: one application of Eva Intima Biolact per day for at least 8 days after the end of medication

Oral medication: The administration of Eva Intima Biolact starts parallel to the medication and continues for at least 8 days after the end of it

Atypical vaginitis without medication: a vaginal suppository daily for 8 days

Preventive: one to two applications per week