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Unimoist Toothpaste

Daily care of gums & teeth

Unimoist Toothpaste is a fluoride toothpaste specially designed for the everyday health care and protection of the oral cavity in situations of dry mouth (xerostomia). With its synthesis with enzymes and medical herbs that moistures the oral mucosa, relieves from irritations and strengthens teeth effectively.

Packaging: 100 mL


  • Protection of the oral cavity, when xerostomia occurs.
  • Humidification and lubrication of soft tissues (gums, tongue, mucosa) of the oral cavity
  • Strengthening of the protection of teeth and gums
  • Active treatment of bad breath
  • Suitable for diabetics and compatible with homeopathic treatments
  • With natural moisturizing ingredients, saliva enzymes, chlorhexidine, fluoride (1200 ppm F-) and extracts of medicinal herbs (aloe, chamomile, calendula, Margot, alpha-bisabolol).

Use a sufficient quantity of Unimoist Toothpaste to brush your teeth every morning and evening and after each meal, every day.