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Unimoist Mouthwash

Everyday care of gum & teeth
Unimoist mouthwash gr

Unoimoist Mouthwash is a gentle fluoride mouthwash specifically designed for the daily care and protection of the oral cavity in cases where dry mouth (xerostomia) appears. It moistures the oral mucosa while the extracts of selected medicinal herbs and vitamins it contains offer moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing action. 

Packaging: 500 mL

  • Protection of the oral cavity, when xerostomia occurs
  • Humidification and lubrication of soft tissues (gums, tongue, mucosa) of the oral cavity
  • Strengthening of the protection of teeth and gums
  • Active treatment of bad breath
  • With natural moisturizing ingredients, saliva enzymes, chlorhexidine, fluoride (1000 ppm F-) and extracts of medicinal herbs (aloe, chamomile, calendula, Margot, alpha-bisabolol).

Use 10 mL of Unimoist Mouthwash for 30 sec, 2 times per day, every day.