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Slim fix

Liquid Sweetener with Stevia.

Liquid Stevia sweetener (60ml)

Thanks to its unique composition, enhanced with natural ingredients from the stevia plant, Slim fix is the ideal sweetener, an alternative to sugar for those who pay attention to their diet.

The natural sweet taste of Slimfix makes it an ideal choice for those who pay attention to their diet and want to replace sugar and artificial sweeteners with a sweetener of natural origin, without guilt and without calories!
Slim fix does not alter the taste and can replace sugar in all recipes, such as drinks, sweets and desserts, because it is also heat resistant.

Please find here ( delicious recipes with SlimFix!

Packaging: Bottle of 60ml that includes 100 portions (teaspoons of sugar)

By using Slimfix you can enjoy your favorite flavors with the benefis of:

• No calories

• No carbohydrates

• Ideal for people with diabetes and those who pay attention to their diet

• Does not alter the taste

• Dissolves easily and immediately

Use Slimfix instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

For one serving (1 teaspoon of sugar), use 5 drops of Slimfix.