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Eva Intima Refresh Original

Deodorant spray for the sensitive intimate area ideal for all skin types

Eva Intima Refresh Original is a herbal and vitamin-enriched spray that instantly deodorizes and protects the sensitive area of all skin types and all ages after the first period

Packaging 60ml

  • Immediate deodorization, revitalization and protection of the sensitive intimate area, all day, every day

With herb extracts (chamomile, lamella, aloe, calendula, mallow, lilac) & vitamins Provitamin B5 (panthenol) and vitamin E

Dermatologically tested - pH friendly to the physiology of the intimate area

Eva Intima Refresh Original can be applied to the sensitive area whenever there is a need for extra freshness and deodorization. It can also be used directly on underwear, trousers, pantyhoses or anything else in contact with the body to further protect the sensitive area from the appearance of any irritation.