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Εva Belle Detox Booster

Extremely concentrated compositions for detoxification and revitalization of distressed skin

Eva Belle Detox Booster detoxifies and revitalizes distressed skin, reviving its radiance. Ginkgo Biloba extract acts as a detoxifying agent, while Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant for the skin, purifying it from everyday harmful factors , such as stress, pollutants and solar radiation. Potentilla Erecta enhances skin's elasticity, offers radiance and prevents photo-aging.

Packaging: 15ml

Detoxification and revitalization of distressed skin

  • Add in your cream, serum or foundation 2-4 drops of Eva Belle Detox Booster and revive your skin’s radiance.
  • Do not use directly on your skin
  • For best results, combine it with an Eva Belle cream or serum.
  • Use as often as needed, according to your skin’s needs.