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Chlorhexil Travel Kit

Practical travel kit
Chlorhexil dental kit

Chlorhexil-F Toothpaste: Chlorhexil-F Toothpaste is a fluoride toothpaste with chlorhexidine, for everyday scalp care, effective anti-scalp treatment, strengthening and protection of teeth, tightening of gums and reduction of gingiva due to the herbs it contains.

Packaging: Tube of 100 mL

Chlorhexil-F Mouthwash: Chlorhexil-F Mouthwash is fluoride mouthwash for the daily hygiene care of the oral cavity, the effective control of plaque, strengthen the enamel of the teeth and activating the immune system of the gums due to a variety of herbs are in its composition.

Fl. 60ml

Ergonomic toothbrush for intensive cleaning: Intermed toothbrush , with specially designed contoured soft bristle, provides effective cleaning of inaccessible points, gentle care of the gums, while it removes plaque.

In a practical package, ideal for traveling.