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Βabyderm kids 3 in 1 Insect & Sun Protection 50 SPF, 300ml

Sunscreen and insect repellent high protection lotion for children from 12 months and over

Babyderm kids Insect & sun protection 50 SPF is designed to offer high sun protection against all UV spectrum (A & B) as well as odorless insect protection against mosquitoes, bees, wasps etc. Its enriched composition with lavender & lemongrass essential oils for protection from the insect. It also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E which regenerates the skin and keeps it hydrated and gentle, while reducing the risk of developing allergic reactions due to the lack of artificial colors and perfumes. The unique texture of Babyderm kids Insect & sun protection spreads easily without leaving any white marks.

  • High sun protection
  • Lavender & lemongrass essential oils for protection from insect bites
  • Water resistant
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for use in face & body
  • Suitable for children

Application to children should always be done by an adult. Sufficient* quantity of Babyderm sunscreen lotion 50 SPF is sprayed on the palms of the adult hands and then spread evenly over the uncovered parts of the child's body, avoiding the eyes, mouth and palms. The procedure must take place 30 minutes before exposure to sunlight and must be repeated after wiping, sweating or swimming.

(*) Sufficient quantity is 2 mg / cm2 of skin (for an average adult corresponds to about 30g for the whole body)