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Babyderm Junior Cran

Daily cleaning foam for genital area of boys and girls
Babyderm jr cran eng

 Babyderm Junior Cran  is an innovative foam for cleansing of the genital area of boys and girls, which ensures, cleansing, relieving and preventing irritations and inflammations such as balanoposthitis, vaginitis and the ascending urinary tract infections due to its unique composition with extract from cranberries. The practical form of the foam makes the process of cleaning pleasant, while its removal with water is particularly easy.

Packaging: 150ml 

  • Daily cleansing of external genital organs of boys and girls parallel prevention of the occurrence of infections of the urogenital system (balanoposthitis, vaginitis and the ascending urinary tract infections )
  • Suitable for daily use from the first day of birth

Based on the Ω3 and Ω6 essential fatty acids, extract from cranberries, alpha-glucan, bisabolol, and vitamins (C, E and panthenol)

Dermatologically tested - pH 5 friendly to the physiology of the area

Parabens or other preservatives, SLES, soap & allergens (artificial colors, perfumes) free

Sufficient amount of Babyderm Junior Cran  foam is mixed with a small amount of water to form foam. Genital area is washed and then rinsed with plenty of water. Use can be repeated as often as needed during the day.