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Pregnancy gingivitis

  • What happens during pregnancy in the oral cavity of pregnant women?

Because of hormonal changes and the change of acidity of saliva during pregnancy, the defense of gums and oral mucosa against plaque and caries is decreased and leads the entire oral cavity to be more sensitive and prone to infections.

  • What is pregnancy gingivitis and why it should be treated effectively?

This is the most common dental problem during pregnancy for over half of pregnant women (65-70% of pregnant women shows gingivitis during pregnancy). It usually occurs in the 2nd month of pregnancy and can be present throughout pregnancy with remissions and exacerbations. Because of changes occurring during pregnancy, the gums are irritated, swollen, red and they bleed while a strong odor of the mouth is noticed. This situation is classified as pregnancy gingivitis. If gingivitis is not treated promptly and effectively can lead to periodontitis, an extensive inflammation that destroys bones and tissues which hold teeth in their place, resulting in tooth loss. Periodontitis is a major concern for gynecologists during pregnancy because it is associated with increased risk of premature birth and birth of underweight babies. In conclusion, is required proper hygienic care of the oral cavity throughout the duration of pregnancy with products absolutely safe for the fetus and the pregnant woman.

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