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The OFET Group, celebrates the World Environment Day

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The OFET Group celebrates the World Environment Day (5 June 2019) not only one day but through all the year, with a series of important actions.

Actions that respect the ENVIRONMENT, under the umbrella of the U & I Care Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, with 530 employees, have fully embraced the culture of administration.

All three industrial / production units of the Group (two of Uni-pharma and one of InterMed) have been created with the aim of utmost respect for the environment.

The recent creation of OFET, the Uni-pharma bioclimatic building in Kifissia, is already showing the path of sustainable development and green logic, with insulation on its surfaces to reduce noise and reduce energy consumption and natural resources, especially water and Natural Gas. The plant has been built to have a south-eastern natural orientation to exploit natural light in order to reduce the consumption of electricity.

All three plants have a responsible waste management, whereby the waste is shipped either for destruction to overseas units or to TITAN for alternative fuel production. In all units, there are particulate retention filters (on chimneys) to protect against air pollution.

The same applies on the management of water and waste water. The specific wastes are not directed to the sea but are destroyed through a special waste management form in order to perfectly protect the aquifers.

It is worth mentioning that there is a collective waste management system sorted by source. In general, there is responsible waste management and soil protection. It is remarkable that the equipment of the employees is environmentally friendly, with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint.

Also, recycling programs are being implemented at the premises of the Group's companies, with the participation of employees and the use of special recycling bins placed in the workplace for this purpose, within the framework of the "U & I Green - Uni-Pharma & InterMed" .

Environmental awareness and awareness among workers is demonstrated daily through proper motto training:




"COFFEE = WOOD RECYCLING" (New Action 2018).

"BLUE = ALUMINUM RECYCLING" (New Action 2019).

For the second year, Green Team of OFET employees will be found on Greek islands for underwater and offshore cleaning to clean the seas and coasts with the slogan "Save the Sea" and in collaboration with NGO All for Blue by Mrs Katerina Topouzoglou. The first station is Mykonos, which will be visited by the Green Team of OFET at the weekend of 8 and 9 June 2019.

Finally, the pharmaceutical companies of OFET and the Group as a whole, have been awarded  seven times, for their environmental sensitivity.

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