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Selva Gel

Nasal gel for decongestion and hydration of the stuffy nose

Selva Gel is a sodium chloride gel 0.65% for decongesting, hydrating and relief of nose. Selva Gel is isotonic with the nasal secretions for effective fluidization of the accumulated nasal mucus without dehydrating the nasal mucosa while with the chamomile, aloe and panthenol it contains, moisturizes, relieves and protects the nasal mucosa & the skin of the entrance of the nose.

Packs: 12ml tube with perfume (eucalyptus & mint) or perfume free

Clearing and decongesting the stuffy nose

Suitable for use from 6 years and older

Sodium chloride gel 0.65% enriched with chamomile & panthenol.

Without the risk of developing tolerance

Selva gel is used as often as it is necessary to cleanse and decongest the nose.