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Selva Aromatic Nasal Solution

Nasal solution for the relief of stuffy and irritated nose.

Selva Aromatic nasal solution is a sodium chloride solution 0.65% specially designed for cleansing and decongestion of the nose. Selva nasal solution is isotonic with nasal secretion in order to efficiently fluidize and remove accumulated nasal mucus without dehydrating the nasal mucosa while with chamomile and panthenol it contains, relieves & protects against irritation and inflammation.

It is available in a specially designed, versatile and easy-to-use plastic vial that offers triple application (as drops, sprays or wash) depending on its retention.

Packs: 3-way bottle of 30ml with perfume (eucalyptus & peppermint) or perfume-free

Clearing and decongesting the stuffy nose

Suitable for use from 6 years and over

Sodium chloride solution 0.65% enriched with chamomile & panthenol.

Without the risk of developing tolerance

Enhanced synthesis with menthol and eucalyptus essential oil for even more effective decongesting and breathing comfort.

Selva Aromatic nasal solution is used as often as necessary to cleanse and decongest the nose.