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Perianal Cream

Relief & protection cream
Perianal cream eng

Perianal Cream based on hyaluronic sodium (0.2%) and skin-protective herbs, is an emollient cream for the relief of the unpleasant symptoms that accompany hemorrhoids (itching, irritation) in a perfectly natural way without using pharmaceutical substances such as cortisone. Its enriched formula with hyaluronic acid enhances the healing ability of the anorectal and perirectal area, forms a protective membrane and effectively relieves itching, irritation and caustic pain.

Packaging: 45 g.

  • Immediate and effective relief & protection of anorectal & perirectal area with hemorrheopathy.
  • Leaves no stains.

  • Perirectal application: After cleansing and drying the area, apply a quantity 3-4 times daily and spread it gently.
  • Anorectal application: The special nozzle is screwed on the tube and gently inserted it in the anus. Place a quantity 2 times daily, morning and evening.