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OptoFresh travel Kit

Complete care of your contact lenses

OptoFresh travel Kit contains:

  • 10 sterile, single-use, 5ml ampoules of contact lens multipurpose solution.
  • 4 sterile, single-use ophthalmic towels, for the outer hygiene of the eyes.
  • A stylish & practical contact lens storage case with mirror.
  • OptoFresh multipurpose solution with its unique, practical, single-use packaging (5ml), that ensures you use a sterile solution every day, with chamomile & euphrasia water extracts, has balanced pH and osmolarity and provides total care of your contact lenses , as it: 
    • Cleans
    • Removes proteins
    • Disinfects
    • Rinses
    • Hydrates
    • Takes care

In a practical package, ideal for traveling.