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Baby's & Children's suppositories for immediate and natural relief of constipation

Medilax-N are suppositories specially formulated for the symptomatic treatment of constipation due to partial faecal encapsulation in a completely natural way. At the same time reduce symptoms of tenesmus and soothe irritation and burning sensation of the anus due to chamomile contained in their composition.

Packaging: 10 suppositories for rectal use

  • Symptomatic treatment of occasional or recurrent constipation.
  • Preparation for rectal examination or proctoscopy.


With Sodium bicarbonate & Chamomile

One or more suppositories may be used in each treatment.

The plastic casing is removed and the suppository rinsed with some water (for best results the suppository is placed for 5-10 seconds under running tap water) before use. It is then placed in the rectum. After application, the suppository begins to dissolve and act immediately. The suppository remains in the rectum as much as possible (10-30 minutes) before defecation while the user is moving.