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Luxurious Suncare Stick SPF50+

Very high protection for sensitive areas

Very high, broad spectrum protection to the sensitive areas (nose, ears, lips, hands, shoulders, dark spots) and toscars. Ιt forms an invisible protective veil on the skin that remains resistant against water and sweat.


Non greasy texture

Packaging: 16g

Phototypes I and II (very light and white skin - blonde, red hair)

Hypersensitive skin to the sun

Skin that gets sunburned

Any skin exposed to intense sunlight


Mineral oil, alcohol & dye FREE

Dermatologically tested

Water & Sweat resistant

  • Evenly apply a sufficient amount (*) of sunscreen to the exposed parts of the body 30 minutes before exposure to sunlight•Reapply frequently especially after swimming, sweating and drying with towel
  • Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight even if you use sunscreen.
  • Excessive sun exposure is a serious risk to your health
  • Avoid exposure to bright midday sun
  • Store in a dry and cool place (<25οC), out of children’s reach.

(*) The sufficient amount is 2 mg/cm2 skin (for an average adult it is equivalent to approximately 30 g for the whole body).