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Luxurious Aegean Kit

A complete hair and body treatment in a handy travel kit.

Luxurious Aegean 2in1 Moisturising Body Wash :
Combining all the beneficial properties of a body cleansing product with those of a moisturizing cream. The rich and creamy foam thoroughly purifies the skin while cares for its effective hydration. Thanks to its advanced composition, it ostracizes all the toxins and harmful microorganisms that trouble the skin, while it traps the moisture, offering extra high hydration and protection.

Luxurious Aegean Natural Exfoliating Scrub:
Due to its penetrating action, it stimulates and rejuvenates the skin from the inside, removing dead skin cells and reconstructing the skin tissue. Its unique formula of herbal extracts and skin-tonic vitamins is supported by strong exfoliating action of almond and luffa, thus giving unmatched radiance and wellbeing to the skin.

Luxurious Aegean Rich Moisturizing Body Cream:
A valuable body hydrating cream, an absolute treat for the body. Thanks to its advanced composition that combines botanical extracts, rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and natural moisturizing oils, it strengthens the skin, creating a multi-level net around the tissues. This net stimulates the tissues of the skin and "frees" the glue between dead skin cells, causing them to drop, leaving the skin soft and smooth, while it enhances the natural self-defence and cell regeneration.

Luxurious Aegean Refreshing Body Splash:
Indulge yourself in the exciting feeling of thousands of small dewdrops invading every pore of your skin. Refreshing Body Splash with herbal extracts for daily care that revitalizes the spirit while providing uninterrupted hydration to the body.

Luxurious Aegean Herbal Shampoo:
A unique combination of Chamomile extract, Camellia and Horsetail. It adjusts the balance of the scalp, and gives hair a natural shine while offering hydration and the antioxidant protection they need to keep healthy and soft.

Luxurious Aegean Revitalizing & Toning Herbal Conditioner:
Containing precious ingredients, such as Horsetail extract and Panthenol, it revitalizes the hair, giving elasticity and natural shine without adding unnecessary weight.

Travel Kit, ideal to carry in the airplane cabin.