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Hy + Al Gel Professional

Natural healing of the gums
Hyalgel professional

Unique triple combination of Hyaluronic Acid + Sucralfate + Chlorhexidine. It accelerates natural healing and helps in the regeneration of injured soft tissues.

Packaging: 6 syringes

• Dental surgeries & tooth extraction

• Dental Implants

• Periodontal Surgery (placed inside the pockets)


0.4% Hyaluronic acid + 0.5% Sucralfate + 1% Chlorhexidine

• Unscrew the cap from a Hy + Al Gel Professional A syringe and a Hy + Al Gel Professional  B and attach them together using the special binder available on the package. Push the syringe plunger to the end and repeat the same with the other plunger. Repeat the process several times until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Transfer the entire amount of the mixture to one of the two syringes and disconnect.

• Place a disposable tip in the filled syringe and place a quantity of the HY + AL GEL PROFESSIONAL mixture in the affected area.

• Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes and ask the patient to grow without rinsing his mouth with water.

• HY + AL GEL PROFESSIONAL should be used within three days of reconstitution.