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Εxodor Fresh Breath System

Bad breath control system

EXODOR Fresh Breath System is a complete system of daily elimination and control of bad breath which includes EXODOR Toothpaste and EXODOR Mouthwash for active control of oral microorganisms that cause bad breath, EXODOR Tongue Cleanser for removal of microorganisms and food debris which accumulate on the surface of the tongue, as well as EXODOR Tablets for immediate removal of unpleasant odors and fresh breath every moment of the day.


1 EXODOR® Toothpaste (100 mL)

1 EXODOR® Mouthwash (250 mL)

1 EXODOR® Tongue Cleanser

1 EXODOR® Tablets (30 Tablets)

  • Fights bad breath

Brush your teeth thoroughly with Exodor Toothpaste and spit.
Use the Exodor Tongue Cleanser to clean the surface of the tongue by placing it on the back surface of the tongue and slide forward, putting slight pressure. Repeat 6-7 times and then rinse the mouth with water.
Use Exodor Mouthwash for 30". Spit out without rinsing.
Finally use the Exodor Tablets when you want to fight effectively bad breath.