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Eva Intima Vagil

Personal lubricant to facilitate sexual intercourse

Eva Intima Vagil is a specially designed, water-based, thin-layer gel that mimics the synthesis of natural vaginal secretions that are produced to help facilitate sexual intercourse during this period. Along with its enriched composition with chamomile, aloe and vitamin E extract, it protects the vaginal mucosa from micro-irritations and minor injuries.

Packaging: 60ml bottle with pump & 6 sachets of 3 ml

  • Vaginal lubrication & treatment of difficult and painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) due to inadequate lubrication and moistening of the vagina

With extracts of chamomile, aloe & vitamin E

Compatible with condoms - pH friendly to the physiology of the area

Petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, preservatives, parabens free

Application of a sufficient amount of Eva Intima Vagil at the entrance of the vagina or in the area of the body that requires lubrication. The quantity to be used depends on the individual needs for better lubrication.