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Eva Intima Restore

Healing of the vaginal mucosa in cases of injury or mild atrophy

Eva Intima Restore due to its high concentration in hyaluronic acid and the unique combination of herbs with anaplastic properties is a powerful healing agent of the vaginal mucosa to enhance and accelerate the healing of atrophic or injured vaginal mucosa while regulate vaginal pH in normal acidic values, enhancement of normal vaginal flora and alleviation of symptoms of irritation and redness.

Packaging: 9 disposable vaginal applicators &  10 vaginal ovules

  • Atrophic vaginitis due to aging or lack of estrogen
  • After vaginal surgery
  • Vaginal mucosal dysfunction due to chemotherapy or irradiation
  • Childbirth

With 12.5 mg of hyaluronic acid, bioecolia, lactic acid & herbal extracts

Hormones & pharmaceutical substances free

PH 3.8

• Therapies for enhancing the healing ability of atrophic or injured atrial mucosa: one application per day for 7 days, preferably before bedtime

• Preventive to enhance the defense of sensitive vaginal epithelium, especially after menopause: one application a day for 3 days, every 10 days, preferably the night before bedtime.