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Eva Intima Mycosis Ovules

Vaginal suppositories for the inhibition of the action of fungi

Eva Intima Mycosis Ovules is a medical device specially designed to control fungal infections of any etiology. Thanks to the combination of boric acid, tea tree oil and lactic acid, Eva Intima Mycosis inhibits fungal activity within 48 hours and over 90% while balancing the vaginal environment. Its enriched composition in chamomile extract and panthenol relieves the feeling of burning and irritation and treats the damaged vaginal mucosa.

Packaging: 10 suppositories for vaginal application 

Indicated for vaginal infections by Candida albicans and Candida non-albicans sp. to:

  • 1Candida albicans infections that do not respond or may not respond (eg women with diabetes, immunocompromised) to standard treatment with azoles.
  • Patients who experience repeated relapses (persistent vaginitis)
  • Infections from Candida non- albicans sp

Eva Intima Mycosis is a treatment option:
1. As taken alone in cases of repeated relapses, whatever the causative agent is (Candida albicans and Candida non- albicans sp. )
2. As taken alone in cases -after fungal culture tests- found that the causative agent is Candida non-albicans sp. as Candida glabrata etc.
3. As adjunctive therapy in cases not made fungal culture tests, in order to ensure the maximum therapeutic effect

Parabens free

Taken in accordance with the doctor’s advice