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Eva Intima Medival

Antipruritic cream-gel to relieve external genital organs

Eva Intima Medival is a cream-gel specifically designed to provide immediate and effective relief to the external genital organs from itching and burning that cause common non-pathological conditions such as synthetic underwear, tight clothing, swimsuits and more. without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Packages: 50ml vial or  3 ml sachets of 6 pieces

Feeling itching and burning which may be due to:

• synthetic underwear

• tight clothes

• physical exercise

• intense sweating

With Hyaluronic acid herb extracts (chamomile, aloe, calendula, mallow, thrush) and vitamins Provitamin B5 (panthenol) & vitamin E

Dermatologically tested - pH friendly to the physiology of the intimate area


A sufficient amount of Eva Intima Medival cream-gel is applied to the vulvar area, especially where there is a feeling of pruritus and irritation with the help of the fingers. The application can be repeated 3-4 times a day according to the individual needs, after a good cleaning of the area.