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Eva Intima Lactic

Restoration and maintenance of vaginal pH at its normal acidic values

Eva Intima Lactic is designed to provide immediate restoration and maintenance of the vagina's natural acidity, while relieving the symptoms of itching, burning and irritation usually due to vaginal pH disorder after the end of the period, etc. At the same time, it contributes to the creation of an appropriate microenvironment for the survival and maintenance of beneficial lactobacilli.

Packaging: 9 disposable vaginal pre-filled vaginal applicators & 10 suppositories for vaginal application

To prevent problems due to changes in vaginal pH, such as after menstruation, in vulnerable groups of the female population such as postmenopausal women, diabetes mellitus, etc.

With lactic acid, glycogen & extracts of chamomile and aloe extract

pH 3.8

Hormones & pharmaceutical substances free

Therapeutically to regulate vaginal pH when disturbed vaginal balance: one application per day for 7 days, preferably before bedtime.

Preventive for maintaining vaginal health: one application a week & one application a day for 3 days after the end of the period preferably before bedtime.