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Eva Intima Dermoprotective Powder

Protective care nourishing powder for the crucogenital area

Eva Intima Dermoprotective Powder is a specially formulated powder for the immediate absorption of excess moisture, neutralizing malodor and controlling the growth of bacteria that cause it, while relieving any irritations observed in the area of external genital organs, perineum & inside the thighs.

Packaging 100gr

  • Absorption of excess moisture and neutralization of the abnormal area of the crucogenital area
  • Natural antimicrobial protection and control of microorganisms that cause odor

With herb extracts (chamomile, lamella, aloe, chamomile, wild rose, lilac) and vitamin E

The application of Eva Intima Dermoprotective Powder can be performed in the area of the external genital organs, the perineal area and the inside of the thighs after bathing or showering or whenever there is a need to reduce the sense of moisture. It can also be applied under the chest, in body creases as well as on the surface of the underwear or the sanitary napkin for everyday use.