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Eva Intima Biolact Maxi size towelettes

Cleansing cloth with probiotics & prebiotics

EVA INTIMA® BIOLACT MAXI SIZE TOWELETTES are specially designed towelettes for daily cleansing that simultaneously restore and maintain the protective microbiological barrier of the skin of the external genital organs.

The effective composition of EVA INTIMA® DAILY CLEANSERS (herbal extracts, regenerative vitamins and lactic acid) in combination with the innovative ECOSKIN® complex that offers valuable probiotics (Lactobacillus casei & Lactobacillus acidophilus ) and essential prebiotics (­-glycoligosaccharides & ‑-fructooligosaccharides, ensures the strengthening and integrity of the microbiome and the natural defense mechanisms of the area. With this way of action are achieved the prevention of vulvo-vaginitis, the successful management of pathological conditions of any etiology as well as the restoration of physiology in the area.

Our ingredients :

ECOSKIN® Complex, Chamomilla recutita, Eucalyptus globulus, Hamamelis virginiana, Aloe barbadensis, Ruscus aculeatus, Lactic acid


Our formula is:

  • With pharmaceutical grade ingredients,
  • Soap free,
  • SLS & SLES free,
  • Synthetic color free,
  • Safe for use during pregnancy,
  • Dermatologically tested
  • With pH-friendly to the area


Packaging with 10 large size clothes

For the daily cleansing and the simultaneous restoration and strengthening of the defense mechanism and the microbiome of the sensitive area.

Ideal in cases of local pathological conditions for the prevention and successful management of their occurrence.

Each EVA INTIMA® BIOLACT MAXI SIZE TOWELETTES can be used whenever there is a need for immediate cleansing, freshness and protection of the sensitive area. After use, the cloth is discarded.