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Eva Intima Active Oxygen Pads

Thin and ultra-absorbent pads with active oxygen

Eva Intima Active Oxygen Pads form the new generation of multi-functional period sanitary pads as they ensure- without any discount- fast & high absorbency even in large flow and protection from leaks while thanks to active oxygen they neutralize in a natural way the unpleasant odors and simultaneous offer natural selective antimicrobial protection against and pathogenic bacteria (E.coli, C. albicans, St. aureus).

In addition, they offer a natural sense of cleanliness and freshness, without additional aromas that can be perceived, with long-lasting protection.

With a very soft and hypoallergenic cover and with the quality and suitability commitments of Eva Intima: without chlorine, phosphates, perfume

Eva Intima Active Oxygen Pads are recommended:

  • To every woman of reproductive age from the first period
  • To women who are in high need of protection from unpleasant odors
  • Ideal use in the warm months of the year
  • Ideal use when performing exercise
  • Suitable for women with slight urinary incontinence due to its natural antiseptic protection and effective protection against odors


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