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Eva Intima Aloe Vera Douche

Vaginal douche for effective cleansing and hydration

Eva Intima Aloe Vera Douche is a gentle cleansing solution for vaginal use with moisturizing and softening effect thanks to the aloe extract it contains. The use of Eva Intima Aloe Vera Douche helps remove any accumulated hypersecretions as well as residues of other vaginal formulations (eg moisturizing gels) while relieving symptoms of vaginal dryness of any etiology. Due to the special application nozzle, vaginal cleaning is easy and safe for the user.

Packaging: Transparent, versatile single use device with special nozzle, 147ml

  • Vaginal cleansing and hydration

With aloe and lactic acid

pH 4.2

Hormones, pharmaceutical substances, artificial colors, perfumes, & parabens free

One with two vaginal douches per week with at least 3 days apart.