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Eva Belle Hydrating Face Dressing

Hydrating face dressing with Sodium Hyaluronate & Biocellulose.

Eva Belle Hydrating Face Dressing with biocellulose* creates a proper moist environment that promotes the regeneration process and provides a cooling effect important for comfort and pain relief. Sodium hyaluronate enhances skin hydration, creates protective layer on epidermis, smoothes and revitalizes the skin.

*Biocellulose: It is an entirely natural material with non-toxic, non-irritable with non-allergenic, and biodegradable properties.

Packaging: 1 mask

Eva Belle Hydrating Face Dressing may be used for management of:

  • Irritations and swellings caused by aesthetic skin treatments,
  • Skin damages caused by cosmetic treatments (e.g. laser treatment, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, peeling),
  • Atopic skin changes,
  • Burns of 1st and 2nd degree.

  • Before applying, cleanse thoroughly face.
  • Open the sterile packaging and remove the protective fabrics from both sides.
  • Either site of the dressing may be used. Gently place the dressing on the face.
  • EVA BELLE Hydrating Face dressing can be applied from 30 to 120 minutes.