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Dermactive Repair Cream

Regenerating & soothing cream

Dermactive Repair Cream is a special regenerative cream with hyaluronic acid for the effective treatment of reversible skin lesions caused due to undergo radiotherapy or exposure to ionizing radiation. It also provides immediate relief from itching, burning, redness and pain that accompany these situations, moisturizing the skin and increasing its resilience against radiation.

Packaging: 75ml

  • Skin care during and after the application of radiation therapy or other ionizing radiations.
  • Based on the essential fatty acids Omega 3 & Omega 6 & sodium hyaluronate.

Starting from the first day of radiotherapy, applying a sufficient amount and gently massaging the affected by radiation skin sites, is recommended. Repeat 3 times daily or according to current needs. The implementation can continue for 15 days after the application of radiotherapy.