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Boys & Girls’ Intimate Wash

Liquid cleanser for boys & girls ’intimate area.

A specially designed daily cleansing liquid for Boys & girls’ intimate area. It is enriched with rosehip and borage oils, high in ω3 & ω6 fatty acids, which are essential components for the cohesion of the external genital organs’ dermal barrier. The specially selected dermo protective vitamins care for the intimate area and the prebiotic factors enhance its beneficial normal microflora.

•          Offers gentle, safe and effective cleansing of intimate area

•          It contains mild cleansing agents

•          PH -friendly to the physiology of the area

•          Artificial color & preservative free

It is suitable for use from the first day after birth until puberty.

Its rich composition can also be used in cases where irritations is observed.

Use enough quality of BabyDerm Boys & Girls’ Intimate Wash while washing to make foam and clean gently and perinatal and perianal area. Rinse with plenty of water.