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Babyderm Protective Paste

Protective waterproofing paste for crurogenital region with 10% ZnO

Babyderm protective paste  is a specially designed skin protection paste for the crucogenital area. Through the creation of a waterproofing film protects against urine and stools, irritating factors which the skin of the area comes into contact many times every day and enhances the growth of microbes. Its specially designed formula regenerates and relieves irritations and inflammations while being fully absorbed without leaving any residue, leaving the skin breathable. Easily removed with water.

Packaging: 125ml

  • Daily skin protection of the crucogenital area (diaper area) after changing the diaper
  • Suitable for everyday use

Based on the Ω3 and Ω6 essential fatty acids, 10% zinc oxide (ZnO), herbal extracts (chamomile, licorice, borage, wildflower, calendula, allantoin, α-bisabolol), wheat proteins and dermoprotective vitamins (panthenol, vitamin E, vitamin C).

Dermatologically tested

Parabens or other preservatives & allergens (artificial colors, irritating scents) free

When changing the diaper and thoroughly cleaning the area, a thin layer of Babyderm protective paste  is applied to the diaper area to create a protective film on the skin.