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Babyderm Liquid Powder

Protective liquid powder

Babyderm Liquid Powder directly and effectively absorbs unnecessary moisture from the skin while relieving it from any irritation. Its liquid form makes the application simple and easy even between skin patches while preventing the risk of inhalation as opposed to solid powders.

Packaging: 125ml 

  • Restriction unnecessary moisture of the skin of the thigh-genital area, the area between the skin folds etc.

Based on the Ω3 and Ω6 essential fatty acids, herb extracts (chamomile, calendula, wildflower, borage, α-bisabolol), wheat proteins & vitamin D (panthenol, vitamin E)

Dermatologically tested

Parabens or other preservatives & allergens (artificial colors, irritating scents) free

A sufficient amount of Babyderm liquid powder is applied with gentle movements to the desired area until it is fully absorbed. Use can be repeated as many times as needed.