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Babyderm Girl’s Intimate Wash

Gentle cleansing fluid of the sensitive area of girls until the first menstruation
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Babyderm Girl’s Intimate Wash is specifically designed to provide the gentle daily cleansing the sensitive area of girls needs until the first menstruation. At the same time, due to its enhanced composition with the patented oligosaccharide Bioecolia, Babyderm Girl's intimate wash strengthens local defense against agents that can lead to the appearance of vulvitis - vaginal sinusitis and relieves daily irritation and inflammation.

Packaging: 300ml

  • Daily cleansing of the intimate area of girls until the first menstrual period
  • Suitable for daily use from the first day of birth

Based on the Ω3 and Ω6 essential fatty acids, prebiotic factor Bioecolia, herbal extracts (borage, wild rose) and vitamins (panthenol)

Dermatologically tested - pH 5 friendly to the physiology of the area

Parabens & other preservatives, SLES, soap & allergens (artificial colors, perfumes) free

Sufficient amount of Babyderm Girl’s Intimate Wash is mixed with a small amount of water to form foam. The genital area is washed and then rinsed with plenty of water. Use can be repeated as often as needed during the day.