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Babyderm Body Oil

Deep moisturizing body oil

Babyderm body oil is a soft, vegetable-based oil-free product that seals the vital moisture of the skin while keeping it soft and deeply hydrated.

Packaging: 200ml 

  • Daily, deep hydration of baby and child’s skin
  • Ideal for use by adults as well
  • Suitable for wet and dry skin

Based on the Ω3 and Ω6 essential fatty acids, herb extracts (borage, chamomile, sunflower, wild rose, calendula, oats, lecithin) and dermoprotective vitamins (vitamin E).

Dermatologically tested

Parabens or other preservatives & allergens (artificial colors, irritating scents) free

Babyderm Body Oil is applied to wet or dry skin with gentle massage until fully absorbed.