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Babyderm Anthato Baby Parfume

Fresh floral baby perfume
Babyderm parfume eng

Babyderm Anthato baby parfum is a specially designed perfume for baby and child use. Its floral composition without alcohol and preservatives, offers a fresh sense of freshness and rejuvenation, while maintaining the elasticity of the skin, leaving it soft and toned.

Packaging: 200ml 

  • Deodorizing, stimulating & rejuvenating infant and kid's skin

With natural floral perfume, herb extracts (sour orange, chamomile, mallow) and rice proteins.

Dermatologically tested

Parabens or other preservatives & allergens (artificial colors, irritants), alcohol free

Spray Babyderm Anthato Baby Parfume to the child's body from a distance of 10-15 cm avoiding contact with the eyes.