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Antigas drops

Oral solution in drops for the relief of infantile colic

Antigas with simethicone is designed for the immediate and effective relief of baby colic. It is completely safe for use in all babies even in those of several weeks of age, due to the exclusively mechanical action of simethicone against the foam created in the infant gastrointestinal tract during and after meals and it is responsible for the discomfort of infants.

Packaging: 30 mL drop meter vial

  • Relieve bloating, pain and discomfort of infants which are symptoms of infant colic.

Suitable for use from the first few weeks after birth

Each antigas drop affords 3 mg Simethicone

With a pleasant lemon flavor

Alcohol and synthetic sweeteners free

The administration of antigas is made easily as it is or by adding it to liquid foods such as milk or juice.

For infants under 2 years of age, 7 drops / dose are recommended.

For infants over 2 years of age, 14 drops / dose are recommended.

Do not exceed 12 doses a day.

Administration is repeated as often as necessary after meals and before bedtime or as indicated by the doctor.