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The innovative, natural solution for the prevention of allergic reactions
Allerfix eng

Allergens like dust, mites and pollen contained in the air we breathe, are positively charged.

Under normal conditions, they have no problem inserting in the respiratory tract, through the nose, causing allergic reactions to sensitive individuals of all ages.

AllerFix is a medical device that acts against the appearance of allergic reactions, caused by inhalation of allergens. Thanks to its unique composition based on wheat, it withholds these substances, before entering the body, by neutralizing their electrostatic charge.

Packaging: 6gr, lasts for maximum 300 applications

Allergic reactions due to usual inhaled allergens, like dust, mites & pollen.

  •  Immediate, non-pharmacological action
  •  Does not contain perfume
  •  Suitable for infants, children and pregnants
  •  Suitable for homoeopathy

Put 1-2 drops of AllerFix on your fingertip

Spread the gel by using your thumb & forefinger

Apply a thin layer of AllerFix around the nostrils and between your nose and upper lip. Massage the area until absorbed.

Each application lasts 3-4 hours. Apply as often as needed or until symptoms have resolved.