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Vaginal lubricating gel to increase the chance of conception
Actisperm eng

Actisperm is a uniquely designed vaginal gel for effective vaginal lubrication during planned sexual intercourse in the effort for childbearing, as it helps to preserve sperm vitality and increase the chances of fertilization. Actisperm creates a vaginal environment friendly to the sperm, which ensures its viability thanks to its specially selected ingredients, while it has the same pH value and osmolarity with sperm, thus ensuring their integrity and efficacy.

The way Actisperm works is absolutely natural because it does not contain any drugs or hormones.

Packaging: f 6 disposable vaginal applicators



  • Lubrication of the vagina during scheduled sexual intercourse in attempts to childbearing and increase the chances of fertilization & capture in a completely natural way

With hydrophilic polymers & polysaccharides.

Hormones & pharmaceuticals substances free

pH 7.2 - friendly to sperm physiology

Osmolarity 330mOsm / Kg is friendly to sperm physiology


Application of one Actisperm vaginal applicator shortly before starting scheduled sexual intercourse (up to 15 minutes ago).