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Insect stings

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Particularly in the summer months the bites of the various insects in children can be very troublesome.

The reaction of a child to a pinch depends on the sensitivity it has to the poison of the particular insect. While most children have only mild reactions, those who are allergic to certain insect poisons may experience serious symptoms and require urgent treatment.

Although insect bites may cause skin irritation, they usually begin to disappear from the next day and do not require any treatment by a doctor. To relieve itching that accompanies mosquito bites, flies, fleas and bugs, apply a cool compress and / or a soothing quiline containing freely available to any part of your child's body except for the areas around the eyes and genitals. If your child has been stung by a wasp or a bee, dab a cloth with cold water and push it over the pinch area to reduce pain and swelling. Keep your child's nails short and clean to minimize the risk of contamination during scratching. In case of contamination, the point of the pin will become redder, larger and swollen. In some cases, you may notice a yellowish outflow or your child experiencing a fever. Your pediatrician should examine any infected twitch immediately, because it may need to be treated with antibiotics locally or systemically.

Call your pediatrician directly if your child is allergic to wasps or bees, as well as before using any other treatment, such as creams containing cortisone or antihistamine orally.

Call a doctor immediately if your child has any of the following symptoms after a sting:

  • Sudden difficulty breathing or dry cough
  • Weakness, fainting or loss of sensation
  • Hives or itching all over the body
  • Excessive edema near the eyes, lips or genital area that makes it difficult for the child to see, eat, or urinate


Alexis Alexopoulos


University Pediatric Dermatology

A Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens

Children's Hospital "AGIA SOFIA"

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