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The website "the Site" has been created by the company under the name of “IOULIA AND IRENE TSETI PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES S.A." with the distinctive title “INTERMED S.A”, a company constituted and existing under the laws of Greece, having its registered office at 27 Kalyftaki Street, 145 64 Kifissia, Athens, Greece, legally represented, hereinafter “The Company”. The Site is the intellectual property of the Company according to law 2121/1993 as amended and in force and in accordance with any and all the International Conventions signed and ratified by Greece.



The services of the Site are offered in the following terms of use, please read them carefully and make use of its services only if you fully accept and consent to their application. Therefore by accessing and reading the contents of the Site you accept without limitation or reservation these Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that any other agreement with “INTERMED SA" for the use of the site does not apply.



Any and all the information which you will find in the Site regarding pharmaceutical products or diseases is provided to you by the Company as general information. Many of the medicinal products that may be mentioned are only available by prescription from a health professional who has the authority to grant pharmaceutical products. The information provided is not full medical information or advice. If you suffer from an illness visit your doctor promptly as we do not provide personal medical diagnosis or specific treatment advice. You should always have complete medical information about the medicine you have been prescribed (including its beneficial medical uses and possible side effects) by discussing the appropriate use of medication with your doctor who prescribed same. Greek legislation does not allow direct communication with the general public regarding prescription pharmaceuticals. The Company, however, provides all necessary information and answers to health professionals, according to Greek legislation, codes of ethics of the pharmaceutical market and internal company procedures.



You have free access to the site but you are only allowed for your personal, noncommercial use to read, copy or use information from the Site including text, images, audio or video files, hereinafter the "Content". You are not authorized to distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, retransmit or make use of the Site Content for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Company. You must retain and reproduce all the markings of industrial and intellectual property rights or any other proprietary rights contained in any Content you might download. You should consider that everything you see or read on the Site is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights, unless expressly stated otherwise, and may not be used without prior written approval of the Company, except as described in these terms and conditions or within the Site. The Company does not represent or warrant that use of the content of the Site by you will constitute a violation of rights of third parties not owned or affiliated with the Company. With the exception of the aforementioned license limited in scope, you are not granted of any license or right under any industrial and / or intellectual property of the Company or of any other third party.



All product names appearing on this Site, or appear with the logo or the name accompanied by a trademark are trademarks of the Company. This Site may contain or refer to patents (patents), proprietary information, technologies, products, processes or other rights (industrial) property of the Company and / or third parties. No license or right in any such trademarks, patents, trade secrets, technologies, products, procedures, etc. whose beneficiary is the Company or third party is granted to you.



Health professionals users of the Site may complete the Site registration process and receive their e-mail confirmation of their password (password) and user name (username) designated by the Site. With this action, these users can have access to scientific material and also place any electronic orders for goods. These users remain personally and solely responsible for all transactions of the account (user account). They are moreover required to immediately notify the Site, if aware of any unauthorized use of their account or any possible security breach. Finally, users are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and the respective account logout procedure at the end of each visit. The Site is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the inability of users to respect and follow the above clauses.



Sauf pour les informations couvertes par notre Politique de Confidentialité et de Protection des Données, toute communication ou matériel que vous transférez sur le Site Web par courrier électronique ou autre manière, y compris des données, questions, commentaires, suggestions etc, est et sera traité comme non confidentiel et non-propriétaire. Tout ce que vous transférez ou publiez devient la propriété d'Uni-pharma SA ou de ses filiales et peut être utilisé à toutes fins, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, la reproduction, la divulgation, la transmission, la publication, la diffusion et l'affichage. En outre, Uni-pharma SA est libre d'utiliser, sans compensation, les idées, les concepts, le savoir-faire ou les techniques contenus dans toute communication que vous envoyez au Site Web à quelque fin que ce soit, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, le développement, la fabrication et commercialiser des produits utilisant ces informations.



In order for the user of the Site to register in the Site’s mailing lists (mailing lists) and receive newsletters, he has to disclose the following information: Country, Postcode, Date of Birth, Gender, E-mail. The Company may keep a record of email addresses in order to send informative messages eg. financial news, beyond the scope of the Newsletters, unless the recipient expressly states that he does not wish same.

An IP address (eg. 123.45.678.9) is determined by the provider (Internet Service Provider) through which the PC of the Site visitor (user) has access to the Internet and then to the Site. This IP address is kept on file for technical reasons, as well as issues related to security systems of the Site (server, data base etc), while utilized for statistical purposes. The IP address of the user, from which he has contacted the Site may be handed to the police or judicial authorities if officially and duly requested.



The Site may contain links ("links") to other websites which are controlled by third parties. Under no circumstances the Company can be held responsible for third party’s website content, or for any financial or other harm suffered by the user who followed such link. Linking to this Site is only permitted at its homepage. Link to another page is only allowed with prior written permission of the Company. Similarly, the use of one or more extracts from this Site is not allowed without the prior written permission of the Company.



The Site reserves a complaint form, so that users can report a potential abuse of the service. If the Company is duly notified for damage or damage to a person and generally for any misuse of the Site, the Company may permanently or temporarily terminate the account of any user who violates the terms of the present.



The user of the Site is liable to the Company and its affiliates for any loss or damage resulting from illegal or harmful use of his account, and the use of the Site services in a fraudulent manner or not in accordance with these terms.



The Site reserves the right to temporarily modify and / or discontinue, part of its services without a notice to users.



The user understands and agrees that the Site reserves the exclusive right to discontinue the availability of content to users who the Site believes that they have violated the present terms by terminating their respective Site access codes.



Given the nature and volume of information on the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the Site is not responsible for any damage suffered by the user of web services and content to which he is exposed on his own initiative.

The Site cannot be held liable in any case for any loss or damage suffered by users due to exposure to objectionable content, harassing, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, misleading, illegal, etc. The users visit the Site’s content and services exclusively according at their own initiative and responsibility.

The content and information contained on the Site, including advertising in any way if applicable, should in no way be considered as valid information, advice or consultancy.

Nothing in this Site does not constitute an invitation or offer to invest in the Company. In particular, actual results and developments may differ from the estimates, opinions and expectations expressed in this Site and any data and information on the Company's shares are no basis for future returns.



The content of the Site is provided "as is" without any warranty expressed or implied in any way.

The Site does not warrant that its services will be provided uninterrupted and error free. In case of loss, damage or harm caused to the user of the information contained on the Site, the Site shall not in any way have any liability regardless of how such damage is caused, on the contrary, the Site reserves the right to criminal or civil prosecution against any natural or legal person for defamation or slander or misrepresentation of the Site contents.

The Site makes no explicit guarantee that the pages, services, functions, options and content will be uninterrupted, error free and that any errors (typographical or other inaccuracies) will be corrected.

Therefore information should be carefully evaluated by the visitors, as neither the Company nor any other company-related group, or other third party involved in creating, manufacturing or supplying the Site cannot be held responsible for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect damage as a result of access or inability to access this Site or for any error or omission in the contents of the Site. Also, the Site does not guarantee that same or any affiliate site or servers which become available to users through the Site, does not contain "viruses" or other harmful components.



These terms and conditions of use of the Site and any amendments thereto, are governed by Greek law, the law of the European Union and relevant international treaties signed by Greece.

Any provision of these terms which may be found invalid, it will not apply and will be removed from the presents, without affecting the validity of the remaining terms.

This agreement constitutes the full entire agreement between the Site and the User and is binding only on those parties.

No modification of these terms should be taken into account and be considered as part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated herein.

In any case, the Site reserves the right to change the terms of the presents after informing the respective users within the existing and / or potential legal framework.

Such modifications are binding on the user, so it is necessary for the user to periodically visit this Site and be informed about the current binding Terms and Conditions.

In case a user does not agree with the terms provided herein, he should refrain from using the services of the Site.

For any dispute which may arise between the Site and any users or third parties in relation to the presents, the Greek text of the presents prevails over any other translation, Greek law is the applicable law and the Courts of Athens Greece have jurisdiction.