More than you imagine… in a cap

The brand new, pioneer line of nutritional supplements VitaFix is our new daily ally for the enhancement of health, wellness, beauty and elegance. Its innovative form consists of different combinations of high quality ingredients that are essential for some of the major body needs. 

The vitamins, trace elements and other components are contained in a cap! Each cap fits easily into any bottle of water, creating a cool vitamin drink that we can prepare anywhere we are!.

The idea behind VitaFix cap is a breakthrough! Each Vita Fix cap-content provides the water of a bottle with the necessary ingredients for a strong immune system, more energy and wellness, beauty and elegance (boost metabolism), every day.
• In addition, by dissolving VitaFix in 0,5lt of water, we have the opportunity to drink more water during the day, which is beneficial for our health.
Each multivitamin drink is easily digestible, without the feeling of flatulence, in contrast to effervescent tablets,
• Each cap creates a fresh & pleasant taste,
• Pleasant orange or fruity taste, with only 3 calories per cap
• Wthout sugar, preservatives and salt

VitaFix is the new ally of our body, in order to keep stronger, more beautiful and cope with a demanding routine.

Its innovative form (cap that fits all bottles) allows you to take it and prepare a fresh multivitamin drink anywhere you go, in the office while working, before the gym, while driving, while having a walk.
A special combination of vitamins and other valuable ingredients is contained in each cap, so as to get exactly what your body needs in each period of the year.


Vitafix® product range won the 1st place among the products presented on the pan-European meeting of the Stamegna Network : Health Care and received the accreditation :  'Stamegna Innovative FMCG Product of the Year 2015'!


Choose the right Vitafix that better suits your needs :

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